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Parameters of casing column opening out

Parameters of casing column opening out

Steel grade of the casing column J55, K55, M65, L80, N80 (API 5 CT)
Tube thickness of the casing column Up to 12 mm
Depth of mill-discs operation out of the casing column Up to 21,5 mm

Ejector parameters

Working pressure 15 MPa
Maximum pressure
Up to 35 MPa
Maximum flow rate at working pressure 8 liters in 1 second
Liquid used for cavern making Technical water, oil, surface acting agents  & other

Parameters of technological process

Total interval of formation opening out within one run in hole Up to 50 meters
Opening out area per 1 running meter of the casing
200-240 cm2
Required time for 1 meter perforation 40-60 minutes
Depth of caverns 0,5-1,5 meters depending on geological structure of a formation

Equipment can be easily adjusted. Engineers of Komplex Ltd. can design the equipment adapted for specific parameters of the well.