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Komplex Ltd. specializes in developing & implementing the methods increasing oil well production rates, namely the technology of secondary opening of productive formation in oil, intake & gas wells by two-sided hydro mechanical slatted perforation. Our Company has long-term experience of working with the well-known big oil companies in Russia & CIS countries. More than 2000 oil wells were served during this period.

Our Company has its own production capacities for perforator manufacturing, provides technical & engineering servicing. All manufactured equipment is subject to hydraulic & bench tests in different production conditions.

Our Company has official references & an official record of considerable increase in oil production after two-sided hydro mechanical slatted perforation has been carried out.

This method allows our Customers to get more benefits & make bigger profits, to lower costs and minimize risks.

This method is the leading oil well production rate increasing method according to key figures of method effectiveness and comparing with all the known methods of casing column oil well perforation.