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Effectiveness of HMSP

Casing cut by slatted perforator on the test bench.

Outside View.

Total opening out area is 0,024 m2 per 1 running meter. It’s equal to the area opened by 34 perforation guns with the diameter of feedthrough hole 30 mm.

Slots are not healed because of the balanced load metal tension removal.

Total capability of opening out for one running in is 50 m.

Inside View.

Slots can be azimuthally oriented*.

* It’s possible to make the opening out in the form of 2 or 4 slots on 1 running meter. Inside edges of the slot are milled by finned surface of the cutting mill discs & don’t have any burrs.

Cavern inwash in the engineering sample.

Strong concrete block was specially made for the tests of the slatted perforator’s ejector effectiveness.

This strong concrete block was in permanent stiffening during 1 month & in ideal conditions.

Tests were conducted under fluid pressure 15 MPa.

Operation time of ejectors was 2 minutes.

Cavern was washed out with the depth 0,66 m.

Quality control by seisviewer method.

The result of the Interpretation of the seisviewer method with the aim to control the hydro mechanical slatted perforation intervals. Embossed model.

Previously conducted cumulative perforation left some unsatisfactory openings & local inflations.

 Cumulative perforation result     


 Hydro mechanical slatted perforation result