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Recommendations for the application

  • Perforation of production casing with outside diameter 102, 114, 140, 146, 168, 178, 194 mm.
  • Wells after squeeze cementing.
  • Wells after well boring.
  • Wells with inadequate quality of the cement sheath.
  • Wells with closely located water bearing stratums and oil-water contacts.
  • Use of slatted perforation before hydraulic fracturing of formation.
  • Use of slatted perforation in injection wells.
  • Repeated slatted perforation after cumulative perforation.
  • Use in the wells with decreasing production rate as the result of the bottom-hole formation zone mudding.
  • Well perforation before contingency cementing operation.
  • Perforation of the wells used for waste disposal.
  • Perforation of the wells used for underground gas storage.
  • Wells with high content of asphaltene, resin and paraffin deposits, wells with sticky oil,  when specific dissolvent or heated opening out liquid are used.